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Annual Safety Service

Service/Repair -We have over 5000 sq. ft. of shop to better service you!   We install top of the line hitches (both bumper pull and gooseneck) and brake controls to make your towing of your horse/cargo trailer easier and safer.  We can take care of all your trailer service needs from wiring problems to matting.   We do it all!

Annual Safety Service for $249 includes:
Living Quarters: $150 additional

Axle Inspection
  • Hub Face Dimensions are Taken To Ensure Straight Axles
Safety Chains
  • Chains are Inspected for Wear Marks From Dragging or Weak Links
  • Coupler is Lubed and Operated Multiple Times To Ensure Smooth Operation
Wall Matting
  • All Vertical Matting is Inspected for Tears or Worn Spots ( Matting Repairs Performed @ Additional Cost )
Floor & Frame
  • Wooden Floor Boards are Inspected for Dry rot & Cracking
  • Aluminum Floors are Inspected for Corrosion & Poss. Weak Spots
  • Visual Inspection of Frame Members to Ensure Structural Integrity
Breakaway System
  • Breakaway Switch is Tested For Proper Operation ( Brakes Engage When Cable Is Removed )
  • Breakaway Cable is Inspected For Integrity ( Damaged Cables Will Be Replaced 9.95 )
  • Breakaway Battery is Charged & Load Tested. ( Failing Bat. Will Be Replaced 21.95 )
  • All Latches Will Be Lubed & Tested / Adjusted If Ness.
  • All DOT Tape & Reflectors Will Be Accounted For
  • Bearings are Removed & Degreased in Parts Washer.
  • Bearings are Visually Inspected For Worn or Rust Spots.
  • Bearings are Re-Packed With new Grease & Re-Installed With New Bearing Seals ( Seals 23.80 Set )
  • Brake Shoes Are Inspected for Cracking or Glazing
  • Magnets are Inspected for Proper Operation
  • Hub & Drum Surfaced are Inspected for Scoring & Discoloration
  • Customer will Be Notified During Service If Brake Replacement is Necessary
Door Hold Back
  • All Door Hold Backs are Inspected & Replaced If Necessary ( Avg. Hold Back 9.95 )
Trailer Lights
  • Trailer Marker Lamps are Tested
  • Turn, Back Up, & Brake Lights are Tested
  • All 12v Clear Lamps, Internal & External Tested
  • Trailer Wiring Plug Inspected for Corrosion and/or Bent Pins. Tested
  • All Tires are Inspected for Weather Cracking, Age, and Low Tread Depth. Replacement Recommendations will be Given During Service.
Please call 530-887-9502 to schedule an appointment


Auburn - (530) 887-9502
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